Diy Chalkboard Tray

Diy Chalkboard Tray

I’m breaking away from my normal recipes and crafts to share a fun diy wood project today!  My husband and I have quite a few projects around the house we will be working on over the summer and I can’t wait to show you them!  

This tray is super easy, costs less than $10 to make and is the perfect addition to my dining room table.   I found this fun canvas board at Walmart for around $3.00 and when you turn it upside down it looks like the perfect size tray!

Canvas Panel Upside Down Tray

I put some brown paint in a small bowl with a tad bit of water to give it more of a stain consistency.  Paint all the edges.  I did this step because I wanted to be able to sand the edges at the end and have some brown peek through.  If you want your tray one solid color just go ahead and paint your tray the color you want.



Once your paint is dry sand down the edges slightly.  Wipe your tray down and follow the directions of your chalkboard paint and paint the base of your tray.  Allow to cure.  Add your handles.  I found these cute handles at The Home Depot for about $2 a piece!

Chalkboard Tray Handle


I love the versatility of this tray! It can hold summer flowers, autumn pumpkins and some cookies during Christmas time!

Chalkboard Tray Centerpiece







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