Rolled Paper Flower Place Setting

Rolled Paper Flower Setting

Hi Friends!  Right now I am at the Snap conference having the time of my life!!  I still wanted to have some fun tutorials and treats to share with you this week!  One of my favorite holidays is coming up…Mothers day!  I love Mothers day- not  just because of being a mother myself and having the focus be on me for the day :)  but being able to celebrate my own mother and the mother figures that have been in my life.  My mother is an amazing woman!  Her heart of service for her family is one of the things that makes her such a beautiful person!  She has been such a godly example of what a mothers love is all about!

 Ever since I got married, I have been having my Mom, Dad and my siblings (that still live at home) come over for a Mothers Day Dinner.  I thought it would be fun to make the table a little more special this year.  I made these fun paper flowers to go at each place setting.  These flowers are really inexpensive but add such a special touch! 

rolled fabric flower

1. Using a bowl or another round surface trace a circle shape.

2.  Using the circle as a guide, cut out a wavy circle.  With a pencil, draw a wavy line around the edge of your circle until you get to the middle.

3.   Follow the wavy line and cut. You will have a slinky type circle.

4.   Take one end of your circle and begin to roll tightly.  Continue to roll until finished.  (Roll the pretty side of the paper facing up towards you…I switched to a double sided paper in step 4 so it doesn’t matter how you fold it.)

5.   Let go of the rolled paper and allow it to unroll slightly.  Unroll the flower and form until you get your desired flower shape.

6.  Secure your ends with a small piece of tape. 

Rolled Rose




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