Throwback Diy Scrunchie

Throw Back Diy Scrunchie

Have you heard?!  I’m heading to the Snap! blog conference in April and I am beyond excited!  I sure will miss my boys and my husband for those five days  but I’m looking forward to learning, growing and more importantly, getting to meet some of these other amazing bloggers that I can now call some of my best friends—in real life!   Snap! is pretty well known for their two parties and this year they are kicking it old school with a { Neon 80′s theme } Thanks DuckBrand!–hence my inspiration for making these fun scrunchies!  Personally, I think scrunchies still look adorable in little girls and young teens ( I may have even worn this in my hair for the rest of the day because I liked the look :) ) I decided to whip up a few scrunchies for my Snap! adventure and thought others might like it too!   

Do you have any idea how hard it is take pictures of the top of your head?  It’s not as easy as it looks…I finally enlisted my husband to help.  Bryan: ” Babe, I don’t understand what you want”  Me: ” I want you to take a close up picture of my head, but I don’t want it centered…I need room for text”  Bryan: (Shaking his head)  “This is why I let you do all the blogging” haha!  

80's Throwback Hairstyle

Do you want to make your own?! 


(1) Rectangle piece of fabric 18 in. X 3 in.

(1) piece of elastic 6 inches long

Sewing machine

( If you want a skinnier scrunchie just don’t make your piece of fabric as wide )

Cut out your rectangular piece of fabric and fold in half right sides together.  

Neon Fabric


Sew the fabric together and turn right side out. You will have a long tube.  

Long Tube


Attach one end of your elastic to a safety pin and pull it through the tube until it is coming out of both ends.  



Sew your elastic ends together.  Insert your fabric into each other and hand stitch closed.

Fabric Inside Fabric

 Go make a few for yourself or for the little girls in your life!  




  1. […] Katie from Made to be a Momma shows how to make a scrunchie, just like the ones I used to wear in my hair in my 80s childhood.  The comfortable to wear, your hair less likely to get tangled around them than a plain hair elastic.  You can make them out of a scrap of fabric – any type will do as long as it’s lightweight – and a length of elastic.  Go to Made to be a Momma for the tute. […]

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