Diy Dyed & Laceless Shoes

Diy Dyed & Laceless Shoes

I love spring shoes!  I love the colorful patterns and kitten heels that make their appearance after Winter starts to leave.  For as much as I love shoes, I don’t buy them.  I am extremely cheap when it comes to buying myself clothes! HA!  Trust me, my husband doesn’t complain–he does have about 3x the amount of clothes that I have though!   I decided to make a few of my own pair of shoes.  I found these white shoes at Walmart for $6.  You can buy a bottle of Rit Dye ( found near the laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent at Walmart)  for just about $3 and you can easily dye a bunch of shoes with one bottle which makes this a pretty budget friendly project!  You can also find the dye at any craft store and they will probably have more color options to choose from.   I decided to make these shoes laceless.  I love the feel of semi-slip on shoes and I love the look of them too!


White canvas shoes

Bottle of Rit Dye


Stainless steel pot or large bucket

(2) 6 in. pieces of elastic


Prepare your dye as the package instructs.  (I wanted my shoes to be pastel so I added more water than what was instructed to help dilute the color)  If you are unsure of what shade you want this would be the best process.  You can always add more dye to the water and re-dip your shoes if necessary.

Remove the laces from your shoes.  Even if you are planning on putting the laces back on your shoes, you will still want to dye them separately so that the color is even.

White Shoes

Once you have your dye/water mixture ready place you shoes in a pot or bucket.  You may have to do them one at a time if your bucket is smaller.  Just be careful to leave them in for the same amount of time.  My bucket was big enough to fit both shoes at a time.   I have read online of others putting a coating of Vaseline on the rubber part of the shoe to prevent it from coloring.  I skipped this step and had no issues with the rubber part coloring, but if you want to be safe you can go ahead and do that as well before dipping your shoes. 

Once you have reached your desired color rinse your shoes until the water is clear.  I left my shoes in for about 6 minutes.  Again, I wanted them pastel so I left them in for a short amount of time.  You can leave your shoes in the dye for up to 30 minutes or more if necessary. Remember that rinsing the shoes will make them lighter.   Allow your shoes to dry for a day or two or put them in the dryer with a few towels and dry for about 30 minutes.

Once your shoes are dry you will need to hand sew your 6 in. piece of elastic right underneath the tongue of the shoe.  I followed the stitching that was already on the shoe so you can’t even see that anything has been added.  

Close up of elastic


Once you sew one side down stretch your elastic and sew the other side.  Depending on the size and shape of your feet you may need a slightly smaller or bigger piece of elastic.  It’s best if you sew one end and  put the shoe on and stretch the elastic until it fits well and then sew in place.  If you notice the tongue of your shoe keeps popping out you can hand sew a few stitches in the tongue to help it stay more in place.  I didn’t need to do this, but it’s an option if you do. 



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