Rainbow Trix Treats

Rainbow Trix Treats copy

I love how the coming of Spring and Easter is forcing us to dab into some color. Although, I am so sick of seeing white all over the place that  I don’t think I really needed to be pushed into bringing some color into my life once again! These rainbow treats are bursting with colorful goodness! Do you remember when Trix cereal were made into those cute little shapes and not just round balls?!   My little guy had a fun time helping me make these treats. His favorite part is always getting his hands dirty–which is actually quite funny because just a year ago he would cry if his hands were dirty–silly boy! He loved forming these treats into balls and could  hardly wait for me to take pictures before he could eat them.

Rainbow Treats

To make these all you need is your favorite rice krispie treat recipe and swap out the rice krispies for Trix cereal. Once the mixture is cool enough to handle, form the cereal into balls and insert a Popsicle stick or cake pop stick.  Allow to cool completely.  I added a fun dollop of Coolwhip and rainbow like sprinkles to the top!


Trix Treats




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    Patti says

    What a cool idea. I’m going to use it for our Easter potluck at church. I no longer have young ones at home so the church kids get all the goodies, so I’m constantly looking, good idea.


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