Heart Pincushion

Heart-Pincushion-Made-to-beIt felt so good to be at my sewing machine again, even if it was for only few minutes! :) Life has been pretty busy since Thanksgiving and my sewing machine hasn’t had the cover taken off of her in quite awhile!  After Christmas, I decided it was time to update my craft room a bit and re- organize. Organization can be fun and so pretty! I decided it was time to throw away the old pincushion and make a new one!  I loved adding the different layers of colors!  They are the same colors that are throughout my craft room.  I’m hoping to make a new sewing machine cover in the days…okay..maybe weeks to come!  Do you need a cute little pincushion?  They make cute gifts for any sewer as well…just throw in some sewing thread and your gift is complete!  I for one love a handmade gift!


Cut out two rectangular shapes.  You can decide how big or small your want your pincushion.  My pincushion is about medium size.  I measured my rectangles to be about 8  in. x 5 in. Cut out a piece of batting the same size as your two rectangular pieces. Cut out the shape of a heart on your front fabric piece.

Cut out Heart Made to be a Momma_edited-1


Cut out different colored strips of fabric.  I measured my strips to be 8 in. x 2 in.  Fold your strips in half and press with a hot iron.

Strip of Color

Folded Strip Made to be a Momma_edited-1

With your batting underneath, lay your strips of fabric one on top of the other until you get your desired look.

Layers of Colors Made to be a Momma

Carefully place your top fabric piece ( with the heart cut out) on top of your strips of fabric.  Pin in place if necessary and sew around the heart.  I sewed around the heart twice for extra stability. 

Finished Heart Made to be a Momma


Lay your bottom piece of fabric right side together with your top piece of fabric.  Sew around all 4 edges making sure you leave at least a 3 inch gap for turning.  Turn your pincushion right side out, stuff with pillow stuffing and hand stitch the opening closed!  Perfect!

Right Sides Together Heart  Made to be a Momma

Pincushion Made to be a Momma

Happy Crafting!!







  1. says

    Great use of colors and I agree organizing can be quite freeing. I think I need a nice fresh pincushion like the one you made. I love your execution with the raveled edge on the pink heart. I’m viviting from Jenny Melrose’s Whimsy Wednesday! Happy Crafting!

    • Katie says

      Thanks for stopping by Desiree! I can’t wait to see what you have in store on Tuesday :) Thanks for letting me know!


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