10 Fun Toddler Lunches


We have all heard the saying “You eat/taste with your eyes first” if something doesn’t LOOK appetizing we are less likely to try it. Toddlers are certainly no exception.  Jacob is at that stage where he is exploring different flavors, textures and tastes. Alot of times he refuses to even try things, so I thought maybe if we make eating fun he would be more likely to try it before he just pushes his plate away. 
I scoured pinterest and found 10 Fun shaped toddler lunches.  I think I am going to have so much fun making these that I won’t want him to eat it! They are all so cute!

  Bear Bread from {Butter With a Side of Bread}
What are some things YOU do to help your kids try foods??
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    I don’t know why I haven’t thought of making food cute for my toddler. He might actually eat his sandwich if it’s shaped like a bear. Thanks for the inspiration!

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