Rustic Branch Votives

I just love these votives!  How rustic and perfect for the fall AND winter season.  I am part of a monthly mom’s get together called MOPS ( Mothers of Preschoolers)  we get together at a local church and have such a great time!  One of my favorite times during Mops is our “craft” time! :)  Yes, we feel like little kids getting our hands dirty and letting our creativity flow, but it keeps us sane! :)  This month we did these rustic votives—obviously I am not the originator of this idea :)  I did one at Mops and decided to finish the other one at home so I could share it all with you!  It is such an easy proccess!
Votive glass candle holder
Votive candle
Small piece of burlap
Tiny Sticks
Wrap a small piece of burlap around your votive and secure with hot glue.  The sticks stay on the burlap easier than they stay on just the glass.
Gather your sticks and cut to the size of the votive. ( Don’t worry if the sticks are a tiny bit taller than the votive jar—in my opinion it makes it more rustic!)
Apply hot glue to your jar and lay down your sticks one at a time.
Continue all the way around until all areas of your glass votive is covered.  Optional: Tie jute around your jar and admire!  **Obviously, we all know better, but just as an extra precaution don’t leave your candle burning unattended.
Happy Fall Crafting!!!


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